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About Dr. Cheng Quan Lu

I am an experienced Acupuncture practitioner, with over 20 years acupuncture and herbs experience. I trained in China over a 3 year period (1996-1999 Liaoning Chinese Medicine College) and I then worked in China for 5 years (as acupuncturist in Chinese Medical Hospital Liaoning) before coming to this beautiful country 15 years ago.

I have a huge interest in Chinese medicine - I have always been this way. My initial training was extensive and then working in China for 5 years gave me huge exposure to the full power of acupuncture and herbal medicine.

With over 20 years experience, I have come across and treated every ailment you can imagine. I am also lucky to have seen the benefits that I have brought to patients in the past, and I know what will work in the future in similar situations.

It is my passion to attain the very best results possible with every client. I also like to empower and educate my clients so they can see what we are doing together and they can learn about the process of healing.