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Dublin's Premier Acupuncturist

Established in 1995

Decades of Herbal Medicine Experience

Established in 1995

Premium Service from Dr. Lu

Established in 1995


Dr. Lu has decades of experience to share with you to help deal with your particular issue, including: bladder infections, vomiting, IBS, Low sperm count, trigeminal neuralgia, coughs, diarrhoea, sweating, fatigue, gallbladder stones(small), trapped nerve pain.

Chengquan has had excellent success for many years with clients that have issues with: diabetes, high blood pressure, angina, bronchitis, MS, sinus issues, period issues, weight issues, smoking cessation, arthritis and skin problems. I will gladly speak to you on the phone to discuss in more detail.


Chinese Massage offers the same versatility and effectiveness in treating a vast number of acute and chronic conditions as acupuncture.